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Introduced 1987
TLD type Country code top-level domain
Status Active
Registry Ekraysia Internet Information Centre
Sponsor Ekraysia Internet Information Centre
Intended use Entities connected with Ekraysia
Actual use Popular in Ekraysia
Registration restrictions Presence in Ekraysia required; restrictions specific to several sub-domains
Structure Registration at third level below some second-level domains
Documents Terms and Conditions
Dispute policies Dispute Policy
Website EI2C

.ey is the internet country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for Ekraysia. The registry office for the domain is the state-owned Ekraysia Internet Information Centre (EI2C), which is also responsible for billing, operation of the system and administration.

Second-level domains

As of 2010, there are 8 mainstream second-level domains. It is not possible to register under another domain name with .ey, such as .biz and .info, which are not supported.

  • .com.ey, for commercial organisations or activities.
  • .net.ey, for network-related organisations or activities.
  • .org.ey, for groups that do not fall under other categories, such as non-profit organisations.
  • .gov.ey, for government organisations only.
  • .edu.ey, for educational organisations only.
  • .sch.ey, for schools only.
  • .mil.ey, for military organisations only.
  • .name.ey, for individuals' personal use only.

Third-level domains

Registers are free to define the names of their domain names in any romanised form including those written in English, Malay, pinyin and romanised Tamil. However, EI2C restricts the use of certain names, including:

  • Country names, and the names of the States of Ekraysia, or other well-known and significant names.
  • Phrases or words sensitive to the racial, religious or political status in Ekraysia.
  • Expletives, or other words or phrases that will cause significant offence to the public.
  • Common financial terms, such as 'bank', except with written permission from some mid-grade Ministry of Finance bureaucrat.
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